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Publishers librarians and google

I once heard a C level executive at an international publishing company describe the platform hosting the online version of over 1800 of his journals as simply a fulfillment system. In fact it is but in the online world the publishers role is much larger. Librarians, publishers, and Google all claim as part of their mission organizing information.

When an end user goes to a university library and uses a z39.50 enable federated search gateway to find content the holdings knowledge base will direct them to the appropriate copy on some platform where the IP address is recognized as coming from a university and the user is given access to the content they have found. and in that content there are scholarly citations to other content and the platform builds an OpenURL link back to the Library's link resolver which again looks in the holdings database and directs the user to the appropriate copy of the second conten item.

I have spent a good part of the last ten years getting this s…

Death to Cell Phones long live the iPhone (or not)

So I have been doing some thinking lately, some about how unreliable my WiFi is and some about how unreliable my cable modem is (which makes my VoIP phone pretty unreliable).

And of course I have been like so many others lusting for an iPhone.

Then I saw this and it all came together:

The day the iPhone turned into a web surfin’ iPod

And I thought about it some more and looked up links to some of what I have been reading listening to.

T-Mobile says hello to Wi-Fi calling service

Verizon technology chief talks fiber

IPhone-Free Cellphone News

Mobile Malcontent

So if I can get a Fios hi…