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What should my kids study if there won't be any jobs.

So I'm 49 staring at the big 50.  I work in technology, and I am always learning the newest tech, and the newest view of project management, and the newest business models.  So the other day I was trying to decide between listening to a podcast of delving into my companies continuous learning tools, and I just didn't want to do either.

I thought to myself, we never really get any of these things to work properly before we move on to the next thing.  Always learning and changing.  Can't it just stop for a moment and let me catch up?  Of course it won't.  I'm just being 50 and realizing that work isn't going to be a coast for the last 20 years of my career.

But it is also something deeper, and scarier. I am not so sure that the future we are heading to is going to be better than today.  In fact I fundamentally believe that there is a good chance it will be worse.  Automation of both mind work and physical work mean that the 7 billion people currently on the plan…
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Once more unto the breach with Securifi Almond z-wave dongle

Sometime in May 2017
Removed lock physically from the door (I’m getting good at this part now) and added it to almond. Put lock back on the door and it worked.  Added codes. It worked. Then it stopped working.  I put the GE module next to it again to try to boost the signal.  No help.  Got busy and left it. A few days later it worked for a few cycles of lock and unlock.
Another learning point: I can reboot a z-wave hub many times without anyone noticing.  But rebooting the “primary” Almond --- not so much. Two teenagers and a wife who has her own consulting business with clients in many time zones. There is never a time when the wifi can be off for an hour without complaints.
I was not sure what was going on.  But now I am. After much trial and error I have discovered that if the Staples Connect is powered on the Almond z-wave dongle has a very limited chance of success.  I believe that in the week where the lock mysteriously worked there were some power outages and the order in which …

Replacing my Staples Connect z-wave hub

The project began in in December 2016 when I got a three pack of Almond 3 Touchscreen wireless routers.  The routers replaced two Actiontech routers provided by Verizon (one is Gigabit capable for the wired ports the other is not, and a linksys.  The newest of these devices was probably from 2012.

Around this same time The Staples connect that I was using for some home automation became abandonware.  It is still running fine.  The Staple Connect is actually the third staples connect I have owned.  The first was purchased in the spring of 2014 and worked okay, until it stopped working.  Zonoff customer service sent a replacement.  And then in the fall of 2014. I got the Staples Connect Dlink  for nearly free with the purchase of a couple sensors.

So the initial setup of the almond was a terrible experience. I needed three screens to be able to access all of the features.  The built in touchscreen, the app on my phone and a PC to access the web interface. The worst part was setting up the s…

lies in Fouteen40 press release

I really hate when people lie. And I hate it even more when the press reproduces those lies.
For example Bryce Johnson of Fourteen40 in a press release about selling his company to Folletts is quoted as saying he came up with the idea about a year ago. Well they pitched my employer about a year ago so I did some research and discovered that they have been failing in the ebook space.

Many of the pages I found at that time seem to have disappeared, or are buried under the new stories about the acquisition.

But here is one.

Not that the product being over a year old makes it bad. But why lie.

Trip Report:Google and Libraries: An international Conference

Trip Report: Google and Libraries: An international ConferenceFrom
Timothy Murray
On March 10th I attended Google and Libraries An international Conference Held at ColumbiaUniversity in New York City.The Key note was delivered by Yakov Shraiber of International Library Information and Analytical Center talk highlighted the rapid growth of Google in Russia.Google has only been in Russia for two years and now is the second most used search in Russia and has 30% of all searches in the Russian language.The national libraies of Russia are engaged in large scale digitization projects and are making content freely available online.These projects are complicated by Russia’s recent decision to conform their copyright law to those of the EU.Jill Cirasella of BrooklynCollege Library gave a presentation on the use of online tools in the library.The presentation is available: couple of key poi…

Features for electronic books

Last week I was in the UK talking with a colleague about what the future of electronic books will be.

I believe that this paper is addressing in a more abstract way than my talk about an abstract page for books or book-parts, one of my key points.
The point is that scholarly works need to be citable and addressable. (I am hugely antagonistic of IRs which are mentioned and seem to be foundational to the ORE technology)

And I think this is in some ways on on the topic of what he thinks is important about updates to a book.